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Just Trays!  New.  

We are often asked for "just trays" so we thought why not. We call these single tray frames. We will soon list standard sizes but these single tray frames can be ordered in any size, finish or colour. They also make great display trays or display stands. Available with or without holes drilled for fixing to canvas or other backboard. 

New! Acrylidex Tray Mirror inside a colour Perspex Tray. Chose a colour to fit in with your designMirror Image New.  Mirror with clear or colour Perspex surrounds.  Many colours available. Mirror is a great optical quality so it won't be like visiting the Hall of Mirrors at the fair! We can make any quantity and any size.  Perfect for all sorts of places and uses. Available as a one off for your bathroom, bedroom, hallway or wherever you fancy having a mirror. Or you can buy the Perspex Mirror in different colours for different rooms. Email us here for prices

Little Bricks of LoveLittle Bricks of Love! Our Artist in Residence made this. We think its great. Those little bricks of love are just waiting to make someone happy. So if you would like to send a personal message, perhaps for Fathers Day, made of the nations favourite building bricks, framed in an Acrylic Double Tray Frame, (clear or with a colour or fluorescent back) get in touch. We think there are lots of messages we can offer. Such as "Marry Me", "Happy Birthday", "Be Mine". Perhaps you can think of one you would like for your loved one, friend or colleague.  Email us here and we will do the rest.

Fluorescent Perspex Coasters. Available in sets or assorted colours. 3mm with feet.New! Fluorescent Perspex Coasters. 3mm Fluorescent Perspex in 10cm squares with 4 non slip feet. Brilliant for brightening up any room. Self edge lit and fun. Available in packs of 5 or 10. We can also manufacture these in a single fluorescent Perspex colour or in 3mm clear or frosted. To order yours click here

Window Dressing!  Brighten up your home this winter. Decorate for a party, for christmas or everyday. Fluorescent, frosted, opal & colour Perspex availableSilli-dex  Perspex window dressing!  Do you have a dull interior window sill you would like to brighten up? Perhaps just to lift your spirits, or for decoration? Works brilliantly during daylight hours as fluorescent Perspex is self edge lit. No need for  power. 3mm Perspex pieces cut to size to fit your windows.  Available in various colours.  Email us here with your requirements

Books and volumes - a new way to display them
The Acrylidex Perspex Book Display. Clear acrylic face with opal acrylic back. Special cradle for each book
Have you ever wanted to display a favourite book or volume? One of our team collects Ladybird books and has been hankering for a great way to display them (when she isn't reading them of course). Our resident framing elves thought about came up with this innovative way of using our acrylic double tray frame. Display single or multiple books in any format and quantity, with or without space around them. An ideal Perspex float frame for 3D objects such as books, folios and beloved mags.

Acrylic framing for Invasion Kit by the artist Invader
We have recently been approached to produce frames for galleries & private collectors of Invasion Kit by Invader.  Our acrylic double tray frame is the perfect way of framing these artworks. Our clear acrylic frame, in this instance made to customer specified dimensions, ensures the artwork looks fantastic in a modern way. No moulding or mount - just invasion!  The frames retail for approx £25 depending upon the collectors choice of size.  If you would like to get an estimate for framing your Invasion Kit just email us here