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Acrylic FAQs

Colour Perspex Boxes for decoration and display. use to put things on and put things in. Available in fluorescent, frost, and clear acrylic. Compliment our Perspex picture framing.
Christmas Decorations for outdoors and in. Harness natural light. No energy source required. 4 Point Star, 5 Point Star, Christmas Trees, Hearts all available in various colours. Compliment Acrylidex Perspex gifts and Picture framing
Are acrylic and Perspex two different materials?
Honest answer - No!
You may know acrylic as Perspex, Plexiglas or Altuglas
These are all brand names for the same material, acrylic.
In the same way Hoover is to vacuums.

Is all acrylic the same?
Simple answer - NO!
Acrylics vary in quality and in addition there are different types of acrylic.
For instance in our world there is cast acrylic and extruded acrylic.
These two whilst visually the same to the untrained eye are made using different processes.
Cast due to its manufacturing process is generally a bit more expensive & has a higher optical quality
Neither should ever be called plastic or PVC.  These are different again!
Be sure to ask which you are being offered if dealing with other companies.
We only ever use cast acrylic in our frames - we prefer Perspex and Plexiglas

To UV or not UV!
You may wonder what the benefits are of UV acrylic/Perspex/Plexiglas?
Especially as it can be more expensive than ordinary cast acrylic. 
Few if any acrylics will completely block out harmful UV rays. 
Here comes the science (sort of)! 
Acrylic blocks out ultra violet rays in the lower end of the UV spectrum.
These are not the ones adversely effecting artwork (or indeed your skin)
The harmful rays are at the top end of the spectrum. These are not blocked out using standard acrylics.  
You can use a UV retardant acrylic to help protect your artwork from degeneration (such as fade)

How do you keep it clean?
You can clean acrylic with a good acrylic and anti static cleaner 
These are available at all good acrylic and anti static cleaner outlets!

Dealing with Static?!
Acrylic is very static - just think of that jumper you had as a kid. 
If you are on a tight budget  there are alternatives to buying anti-static cleaner.  
Clean your acrylic with a soft lint free cloth
Wipe in 1 direction across the glazing surface 1 stroke at a time  
This will help to de-static the acrylic
Opposite to the balloon on your acrylic jumper trick!

Does acrylic scratch?
Of course it does!  But it won't if you treat it with care.

How to avoid scratches
Never lean/lie your acrylic goodies against a wall or surface face down
Never use a fibrous cloth, such as a duster, this will cause a patina over time
Never clean your acrylic goodies whilst wearing rings or metal watches
Never use abrasive products on your acrylic goodie

we hope this is all really useful!