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Acrylic is one of the best modern decorative materials around today
Check out useful facts about acrylic here
We design & manufacture all our acrylic products in Pembrokeshire in the UK
We use only high quality cast acrylics such as Perspex & Plexiglas
Clear acrylic is elegant & simple, with clean lines & a subtle visual impact
Fluorescent & colours Perspex are fun, vibrant & bright, with self lit glowing edges
Other sizes and quantities are available. Please contact us with your requirements

Visit our Tray Frames page for our standard range of acrylic double tray frames
Visit our Box Frames page for our Perspex Box Frames
Visit our Vinyl Frames page for our LP vinyl record frames. Enjoy Art from Vinyl.
Visit our Hang it shop for Framed Affordable Art. Contemporary art, ready to hang. Great Gifts.
Visit our Perspex Gift shop for our unique Acrylic Gifts
Visit our Market it page for our marvellous acrylic marketing frame ideas
Visit our Display It page for our fabulous acrylic display ideas
Visit our Bundles page for special bundles of acrylic goodies

Fluorescent Perspex Decorations
Fluorescent Perspex Decorations
Brilliant for Outdoors and available ready to hang in Star/4point Star/5point Trees Hearts Other shapes available on request See our Gift shop for more details Compliments our Perspex picture frames and Perspex Bunting
Acrylic Double Tray Frame
See how the two trays fit one inside the other to create a space for your artwork. Paper or 3D can all be accommodated. We can produce them to your specification in our custom service
Acrylic Double Tray Frame
Vinyl Record Cover Display Frames
Vinyl Record Cover Display Frames
Perfect for vinyl record cover art. Display your record covers and enjoy the artistry. Singles, albums, 12" singles and more. See our Vinyl Frame shop
Colour Perspex Boxes
Decorative Perspex Colour Boxes available in many colours and sizes. Ideal for lots of diverse uses, including serving canapes, storage, display & drawer inserts. See more details in our gift & display pages
Colour Perspex Boxes
Acrylic Double Tray Frame (Inverted)
Acrylic Double Tray Frame (Inverted)
We turn the back tray around to create a larger space inside the frame with the back of the frame sitting flush against the wall. We can insert spacers to give your artwork breathing space in front and behind it.
Perspex Box Frame
A closer view of the edge of our Perspex Box Frame.
Perspex Box Frame