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February is here and has brought with it some fairly crazy weather wouldn't you agree?  But that hasn't stopped Primroses and Daffodils making a dash to be the first Spring colour all around us.  We can offer great ideas in great colours to add a springy zing to the interior of your home to compliment the gorgeous flowers springing up all over the country.  Splash out  on a set of Fluorescent Perspex Coasters to brighten up your favourite room. Or hang a set of Fluorescent Perspex Star Decorations in or out and watch them shine. Brighten up your life.

Acrylidex Perspex Christmas Decorations in 3mm Fluorescent Acrylic Fluorescent Perspex  Decorations.
Brilliant for outdoors & inside too. They light up outside without any form of energy nature doesn't provide. Illuminated by indoor lights the edges fluoresce beautifully too. See below to purchase

Coaster II. Fluorescent Perspex Coasters. Available in sets or assorted colours. 3mm with feet.Fluorescent Perspex Coasters. Available in sets or assorted colours. 3mm with feet.Treat someone to a set of our funky Fluorescent Perspex coasters.  Each coaster has 4 small clear feet to give them stability on any surface. They brighten up any room you put them in. See below to purchase or visit our Special Offers.

Sillidex. Decoration for window sills to complement your Acrylic Picture frames.. 3mm Perspex. Colours availablePerspex window dressing!  Do you have an  interior window sill you would like to decorate or just brighten up? Works brilliantly during daylight hours as fluorescent Perspex is self edge lit. No power required. Pieces cut to size to fit your windows.  Available in fluorescent, frosted and coloured Perspex.  Email us here with your requirement

Fluorescent Perspex Stars
10 in a pack Assorted Fluorescent colourstars. Ready to hang
Price: £30.00 £25.00
Perspex Fluorescent Coasters x5
Set of 5 Fluorescent Perspex Coasters. 10cm x 10cm. 3mm thick Perspex. 4 individual slip free feet on each coaster
Price: £18.00
Perspex Fluorescent Coasters x10
Set of 10 Fluorescent Perspex Coasters. Various colours. 10cm x 10cm. 3mm thick Perspex. 4 individual slip free feet on each coaster.
Price: £36.00 £30.00
Vinyl Record Display Frame
Perfect gift. Frame a favourite vinyl album for yourself or as a gift.
Price: £28.00