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Acrylidex Colour Perspex Boxes for decoration and display. Use to put things on and put things in. Available in fluorescent, frost, and clear acrylic. Compliment our Perspex picture frames.
We spend all our days working with & exploring ideas in acrylic.  Someone has to! We like to think we are bringing the amazing decorative attributes of modern acrylic to walls & spaces in homes, offices & gardens everywhere.

The Acrylidex Perspex Box Frame is unique. With its composite light weight rigid backboard it can be produced in large sizes and compliments our acrylic double tray frame, acrylic sandwich frame and other acrylic display frames.We could bore you with intimate details of our lives and with pics of us either looking a bit glam or straight out of a cornflake advert but we think you are more interested in our products (at least we hope you are!) With over 50 years of experience between us, working with acrylic & in particular Perspex, we have watched with excitement the advances in finishes and colours and delighted at the new and wonderful ways we can use them in our products.

Working with exciting new materials as well as archival and conservation grade products we hope we can make you exactly what you are looking for at a sensible cost.

So if you are looking for an Acrylic Sandwich Frame, a Perspex Box Frame, a Perspex Picture Frame, an acrylic picture frame, a sandwich acrylic frame, Perspex Christmas Decorations, acrylic double tray frames or acrylic photo frames and lots more, you have come to the right place

We hope you will enjoy our ideas.

The Acrylidex Team

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